SPEF Solution:

In August 2014, Math Tutoring was launched in collaboration with Match Education to provide daily math tutoring sessions at Stamford High School. Since that time, SPEF has assumed full ownership of the program of the program, providing daily tutoring to 80-90 students each year who need additional support to achieve success in high school.

SPEF provides an extensive screening process to assure that all tutors are proficient in math and excel in a tutoring dynamic. All of the students enrolled in the program to meet with tutors for a full period each day in a no-more-than 3:1 ratio, and are showing significant improvement in their math skills. In 2019-20, SPEF delivered more than 16,000 hours of professional math tutoring to approximately 80 Stamford High students, transitioning seamlessly in March to a remote tutoring model as the district adopted distance learning.

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Testimonials From Year-End Surveys:

“I learned to be organized and to use my times wisely. My math tutor made me change my perspective on certain things regarding school, grades, and college. I’m thankful for that.”

-Michael, Grade 9

“My tutor does an amazing job and I always feel comfortable talking to her about anything. She is fair with all her students and she always has a smile on her face and speaks positivity into us even when we don’t feel like it ourselves. Everything that she teaches us I understand better. This is one of those adults that loves her job and accepts students for who they are. I’m very pleased with the way this class is run.”

-Stephanie, Grade 9

Students Learned:

“to do my best or at least hand in some work even if it isn’t finished”
“how to take notes and strategies to help me in my math class.”
“being mindful about my work and thinking carefully”
“how to attempt to set a goal”
“that not every class will be easy but with the help of teachers I can do good.”
“how to work hard for what you want and that if you work on a subject or topic for a certain amount of time it gets easier or better.”