Challenges Facing Our Students:

SPEF is partnering with Domus, a human services nonprofit that serves the most struggling youth in Stamford, to expand our Stamford Mentoring Program to include mentoring opportunities for students outside of traditional school hours. This leadership program partners mentors with students for sessions taking place 2 to 4 times a month, based on the mentor’s availability. Activities the mentors and mentees will share can include basketball, running, weight lifting, boxing, dance, cheerleading, music and more.

SPEF Solution:

Make 2020 the year YOU change the life of a high school student. Become a SPEF Leadership Mentor. We have kids waiting for someone just like you to meet with them after school or on weekends. We’ll match your interests with theirs (basketball? weight training? art/music? dance?) and help you create a bond that will have a profound impact on the life of a Stamford Public Schools student.

All you need is a few hours/month and a caring heart.

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Your special student is waiting!

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