The Stamford Public Education Foundation (SPEF) aims to help students on the path to securing sustainable employment and a successful future. SPEF works collaboratively with the Stamford Public School district and other community partners to develop productive habits through four age-specific programs providing support.

How are SPEF’s College & Career Readiness programs impacting our community?

Mentoring: 1,097 students were served throughout 17 schools, with support from 521 volunteer mentors

Tutoring: 75 Stamford High 9th grade students who were below basic in Algebra 1 were tutored.  81% passed the subject, as compare to 70% of Algebra 1 students in the total Stamford High 9th grade population.

Student-Athlete Program: 137 students participated in this this academic support program, which meets after school at Westhill and Stamford High Schools to foster positive student-athlete development and growth academically, athletically and social emotionally.

Leadership Mentoring: Experiencing steady growth in the 2nd year of our High School Leadership Mentoring program, serving 40 students.

Early College Studies (ECS): Mentored 100+ 9th and 10 grade students, in collaboration with mentors from corporate partners Deloitte and NatWest Market.


To learn more, click on one of the College & Career Readiness programs below:

Stamford Mentoring Program Overview

Post Secondary Planning


Student-Athlete Program